Anti-Money Laundering & Fircosoft
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Since 2006, I have been working with the Fircosoft suite of watch-list filtering products, a global leader in "Know Your Customer" solutions, for a major international financial services group. I have implemented Fircosoft based solutions for both banking (retail, corporate and private) and insurance businesses. This has included everything from small desktop solutions for name screening of a few thousand customers to global solutions for millions of customers and hundreds of thousands of transactions per day (both AML and FATFVII compliance), working with the complete range of national naming conventions and non-Latin alphabets. My expertise also includes tuning the software through algorithms and rules. Though I say it myself, I am one of the foremost experts in the Fircosoft software outside the company itself. In addition to the technical side, I also have Certified Anti-Money Laudering Specialist status (CAMS) and the ICA Certificate in AML Awareness (Cert.AMLA)
Technical Project Management
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While latterly I have been specialising in anti-money laundering, my background is as a technical project manager and technical leader. I am Prince 2 Practitioner and ITIL v3 Foundation qualified, I have worked across a diverse range of industries (Broadcasting, FMCG, Engineering, Chemicals, Finance, Local and National Government). This has mainly, but not exclusively, been in a Windows environment. I still retain a broad technical knowledge of all aspects of Information Systems.

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